Lecture Information

Lecture Schedule

Please check for schedule updates regularly as the schedule will be updated as guest speaker seminars are finalized.

Date Weekday Lecture Topic Slides Preparatory Work
28-Aug-19 Wednesday Intro to Cloud Computing & FPGAs slides --
30-Aug-19 Friday Cloud FPGA Infrastructures slides --
2-Sep-19 Monday no classes, labor day --
4-Sep-19 Wednesday Verilog -- A Tutorial Introduction slides Read Chapter 1
9-Sep-19 Monday Amazon F1 HDK and SDK slides --
11-Sep-19 Wednesday Logic Synthesis slides Read Chapter 2
16-Sep-19 Monday no lecture --
18-Sep-19 Wednesday Behavioral Modeling slides Read Chapter 3
23-Sep-19 Monday Advanced eXtensible Interface (AXI) slides --
25-Sep-19 Wednesday Concurrent Processes slides Read Chapter 4
30-Sep-19 Monday Module Hierarchy slides Read Chapter 5
2-Oct-19 Wednesday no lecture -- guest seminar postponed to Oct. 31 --
7-Oct-19 Monday Logic Level Modeling slides Read Chapter 6
9-Oct-19 Wednesday Cycle-Accurate Specification slides Read Chapter 7
Advanced Timing slides Read Chapter 8
14-Oct-19 Monday Project overview presentations --
16-Oct-19 Wednesday no classes, recess --
21-Oct-19 Monday Design Simulation and Testing on Amazon F1 slides --
24-Oct-19 THURSDAY, Seminar, 10:30am, Dunham Lab 107 Guest Seminar -- Prof. Russell Tessier, U. Massachusetts, Amherst --
28-Oct-19 MONDAY, Seminar, 1:30pm, Dunham Lab 107 Guest Seminar -- Najwa Aaraj and Marc Manzano, from Technology Innovation Institute --
30-Oct-19 Wednesday User-Defined Primitives slides Read Chapter 9
Switch Level Modeling slides Read Chapter 10
31-Oct-19 THURSDAY, Seminar, 4:00pm, AKW 200 Guest Seminar -- Marty Deneroff, COO, Emu Technology --
4-Nov-19 Monday Xilinx FPGAs Used in Cloud FPGA Infrastructures slides --
6-Nov-19 Wednesday Intel FPGAs Used in Cloud FPGA Infrastrctures slides --
11-Nov-19 Monday Partial Reconfiguration slides --
13-Nov-19 Wednesday Towards Multi-Tennant Cloud FPGAs slides --
18-Nov-19 Monday Single-Tenant Cloud FPGA Security slides on Canvas --
20-Nov-19 Wednesday Multi-Tenant Cloud FPGA Security slides on Canvas --
22-Nov-19 FRIDAY, Seminar, 2:00pm, Dunham Lab 107 Guest Seminar -- Prof. Vincent Mooney, Georgia Tech --
25-Nov-19 Monday recess --
27-Nov-19 Wednesday recess --
2-Dec-19 Monday Recent Advances in FPGAs and Cloud FPGA Infrastructures slides --
4-Dec-19 Wednesday Course review --
9-Dec-19 Monday
(reading period)
Reading period, no classes --
11-Dec-19 Wednesday
(reading period)
Final project presentations --
16-Dec-19 Monday
(exam period)
Final reports due and code due --
18-Dec-19 Wednesday
(exam period)
Final exams end, no class --