Assignment Information


Please check for assignment updates regularly througout the semester.

All work is due by 5pm Eastern Time on the given day, unless otherwise stated.

Assigned Date Due Date Assignment % Points (Tentative)
28-Aug-19 (Wed.) 6-Sep-19 (Fri.) Homework 0: Account setup for course and Cloud FPGA intro questions 1
4-Sep-19 (Wed.) 11-Sep-19 (Wed.) Homework 1: Selected Chapter 1 exercises 3
Tutorial work: Setting Up Linux Virtual Machine Using VirtualBox 2
11-Sep-19 (Wed.) 18-Sep-19 (Wed.) Homework 2: Selected Chapter 2 exercises 4
Tutorial work: Setting Up AWS Account and Consolidated Billing 2
18-Sep-19 (Wed.) 25-Sep-19 (Wed.) Homework 3: Selected Chapter 3 exercises 4
Tutorial work: Getting Started With Amazon EC2 F1 3
25-Sep-19 (Wed.) 2-Oct-19 (Wed.) Homework 4: Selected Chapter 4 exercises 4
2-Oct-19 (Wed.) 9-Oct-19 (Wed.) Homework 5: Selected Chapter 5 exercises 4
9-Oct-19 (Wed.) 16-Oct-19 (Wed.) Chapter 6 exercises: Logic level modeling 4
Tutorial work: Setting-up GUI and Running Simulations on F1 Developer AMIs 2
16-Oct-19 (Wed.) 23-Oct-19 (Wed.) There is no homework this week, Oct. recess begins Tue.
23-Oct-19 (Wed.) 30-Oct-19 (Wed.) There are no Chapter 7 exercises, and thus no homework 7 4
30-Oct-19 (Wed.) 6-Nov-19 (Wed.) Chapter 8 exercises: Advanced timing 4
6-Nov-19 (Wed.) 13-Nov-19 (Wed.) Chapter 9 exercises: User-defined primitives 4
Tutorial work: AXI4-Lite Interface Development 2
13-Nov-19 (Wed.) 20-Nov-19 (Wed.) Chapter 10 exercises: Switch level modeling 4
Tutorial work: Creating New Custom Logic (CL) Module 2
20-Nov-19 (Wed.) 27-Nov-19 (Wed.) No new assignment -- work on projects
27-Nov-19 (Wed.) -- No new assignment, Nov. Recess -- work on projects
4-Dec-19 (Wed.) -- No new assignment -- work on projects
11-Dec-19 (Wed.) -- No new assignment -- work on projects
18-Dec-19 (Wed.) -- No new assignment -- work on projects