Lecture Information

Lecture Schedule

Date Weekday Lecture Topic Preparatory Work
14-Jan-19 Monday Course introduction; digital signals, representing data with digital signals; two's complement numbers Read ch. 1
16-Jan-19 Wednesday Digital system design; Moore's law and digital systems; combinatorial logic; boolean algebra; truth tables Read ch. 2 ~ 3
18-Jan-19 Friday Project 1 overview None
21-Jan-19 Monday noclasses
23-Jan-19 Wednesday Guest lecture: Python tutorial, part 1 Bring laptop to class, check one out from library if needed
28-Jan-19 Monday Guest lecture: Python tutorial, part 2 Bring laptop to class, check one out from library if needed
30-Jan-19 Wednesday Logic gates; CMOS transistors and logic circuits; converting between logic equations and diagrams; converting to NAND and NOR circuits; delay and power of CMOS circuits Read ch. 4 ~ 5
4-Feb-19 Monday Project 2 overview None
6-Feb-19 Wednesday Combinatorial logic design; Karnaugh Maps (K-maps) Read ch. 6
11-Feb-19 Monday Combinatorial logic design; Quine-McCluskey method None
13-Feb-19 Wednesday Combinatorial building blocks; applying K-maps and Quine-McClskey Read ch. 8 ~ 9
18-Feb-19 Monday REVIEW for Exam 1 None
20-Feb-19 Wednesday Sequential logic; storing bits; latches, flip-flops and registers; finite state machines (FSM) introduction Read ch. 14
25-Feb-19 Monday Project 3 overview None
27-Feb-19 Wednesday Finite state machines (FSMs); Moore and Mealy FSMs; state diagrams; implementing FSMs with flip-flops None
4-Mar-19 Monday Implementing flip-flops using other flip-flops None
6-Mar-19 Wednesday Timing constraints of sequential and combinatorial circuits; clock skew; metastability Read ch. 15
11-Mar-19 Monday recess
13-Mar-19 Wednesday recess
18-Mar-19 Monday recess
20-Mar-19 Wednesday recess
25-Mar-19 Monday Project 4 overview None
27-Mar-19 Wednesday Sequentical logic examples; factoring FSMs Read ch. 16 ~ 17, 19
1-Apr-19 Monday REVIEW for Exam 2 None
3-Apr-19 Wednesday Arithmetic circuits; full adder; carry look-ahead adder; parallel prefix adder Read ch. 10, 12
8-Apr-19 Monday Arithmetic circuits; multipler; Karatsuba multiplier None
10-Apr-19 Wednesday Arithmetic circuits; fixed- and floating-point arithmetic Read ch. 11, 13
15-Apr-19 Monday Project 5 overview None
17-Apr-19 Wednesday Designing a computer processor; ALU; interconnect; data storage and memory systems Optionally read ch. 24 ~ 25
22-Apr-19 Monday Asynchronous logic Optionally read ch. 26 ~ 29
24-Apr-19 Wednesday REVIEW for Final Exam None