Exam Related Information


There will be 3 exams, two take-home exams during the semester, and in-class final exam during official final exam scheduled for this class. Exams will be during the weeks of 18-Feb-19 and 1-Apr-19. Final exam will be on 5-May-19 at 2pm. Detailed information about exams will be given in class.

Take-Home Exams: the first two exams will be take-home exams. They will be posted on Thursday morning during the week of 18-Feb-19 and 1-Apr-19 and will be due on the following Saturday at 5pm EST. Exams will be posted as a PDF file with questions, and students should submit their answers as a single PDF file via Canvas. Students may use as much time as they wish to complete the exam before Saturday 5pm EST. Any resources may be used to help with the answers, except you may not get help from fellow students, ULAs, TFs or other people. If any information is obtained through internet search, or other resoruce, the source needs to be clearly cited. You should contact the instructor and TFs to clarify any questions. No late submissions will be accepted.

Final Exam: the final exam will be given during the University-assigend time period, for duration of 2.5 hours, at the location specified by the registrar. No notes, books, etc. are allowed during the exam. The exam will cover all contents discussed in the class, in lab projects, and in the assigned textbook readings.

Final Exam Date and Location: HLH17, 5/5/2019, 02:00pm