Cloud FPGAs

And Applications Running in them

  • I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Engineering, Yale University, working with Professor Jakub Szefer. My research focuses on the projects in (Cloud) FPGAs, including the security problems of nascent Cloud FPGA computing paradigm, and novel architectures to accelerate different algorithms.

    For the security of Cloud FPGAs, we developed a method to fingerprint Cloud FPGAs using DRAM-based Physically Uncloneable Functions, bypassing AWS restrictions. We put foward a novel thermal covert channel in Cloud FPGAs and demonstrated it on Catapult servers in TACC. I am also working on the potential attacks targeting some specific algorithms running in (Cloud) FPGAs.

    For the architectures to accelerate, I worked on the efficient hardware accelerator for qTesla, which is a family of post-quantum cryptography, in collaboration with colleagues. I am also working on novel architectures to accelerate neural networks on edge devices.

    Please find my CV here.

    In 2020 summer, I interned with the Heterogeneous Computing team at Alibaba Cloud in California.


    • Ph.D. Student
      2017 - Present
      Department of Electrical Engineering
      Yale University, New Haven, CT
      Advisor: Professor Jakub Szefer

    • M.S.
      2017 - 2019
      Department of Electrical Engineering
      Yale University, New Haven, CT

    • B.S.
      Applied Physics
      2013 - 2017
      University of Science and Technology of China, Anhui, China



10 Hillhouse Avenue,
New Haven, CT 06511 USA