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QCCS Symposium

Prof. Szefer is founder and organizer of the first Quantum Computer Cybersecurity Symposium, which will be held on Nov. 9 2023 at the Yale Quantum Institute, in New Haven, CT, USA.

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HASP Workshop

Prof. Szefer has transitioned to the steeering committee of HASP after having led HASP workshop for a number of years. The next HASP workshop will be in fall 2023 with MICRO 2023.

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Computer Architecture and Security Laboratory (CASLAB) projects cover a variety of computer architecture and security topics. You can read our reserach papers on the publications page.

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Book. FPGA Security.

Prof. Szefer (Yale) and Prof. Tessier (UMass) are editors of a new book which addresses the security of FPGA-accelerated cloud computing environments. The book presents a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art in security threats and defenses. More details about the book are available on the book's web page. To be published winter 2023.

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Book. Processor Security.

Prof. Szefre's book educates readers about how the different challenges of secure processor architecture design have been solved in the past and what are the best practices and principles for design of new secure processor architectures. Many students should be able to access PDF version of the book for free via their institution's library subscription. More details about the book are available on the book's web page. Published Oct. 2018.

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Research. NSF CAREER Award.

Prof. Szefer has received the 2017 Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The award provides funding for Prof. Szefer’s project, titled “Security Applications of DRAM Cell Decay Effects.” Awarded to researchers who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars, the CAREER is the NSF’s most prestigious award for junior faculty.

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Our lab is located on the historic Hillhouse Ave. Visit us at the below address, or for electronic contact please e-mail Prof. Szefer at

Dunham Lab, Room 505
10 Hillhouse Ave.
New Haven, CT 06511, USA